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Thread: Welcome to Anything for News!

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    Welcome to Anything for News!

    Hello and welcome to Anything for News, the dedicated news section of MaxJax: History Continues. As part of a drive to increase activity within this subforum, as outlined in this proposal thread, and the official announcement here, I've been assigned the role as a Reporter. If there's anything newsworthy in relation to Michael you'd like to post, please feel free, and be aware that we're hoping to add more members to the News Team in due course. Any input would be really appreciated.

    The rules of the rest of the forum still stand, obviously, but I'd like to outline a few guidelines in order to make AFN easy to navigate. Firstly, please title your threads clearly and accurately, and include the source, preferably with a URL, of the article when posting. Tabloid reports, such as unconfirmed speculation from questionable outlets such as The Sun and Showbiz411, belong in the Tabloid Junkie section. Pieces specifically relating to the Estate's latest projects are for Another Day and, as an offshoot of that, we also currently have a dedicated section for Bad 25 discussion and news.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!
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