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Thread: Invincible is 18!

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    I haven't listened to Invincible in a few years and really, I've no urge to. There's still some top tunes on it - Heaven Can Wait, Butterflies, Whatever Happens for three - but it all sounds too cold and artificial - and OH MY GOD TOO LOUD TURN IT DOWN. Like others have said, some live instrumentation (get rid of those awful over-compressed drums and beats for a start) would have done it wonders. There's only so many synthesised sounds you can use before you might as well have made an album on a laptop or Garageband.

    Unbreakable ... 'doo doo doodoododoodoo' bow bow da bow bow ... yeah yeah'. A pounding painful beat to open the album that just loops and loops and loops and loops and keeps going foreverrrrrr.

    Did anyone ever find out who 'Fats' was? I remember thinking it's some rapper who specifically made rap verses for Michael and that was it. Google never showed any info for this individual. Is he even real??

    Privacy ... come on now. Was anyone in 2000-2001 giving much focus on Michael at this point to warrant a decent instrumental wasted with THAT AWFUL INTRO TALKING. Even the HIStory statue wasn't that full of nonsense. I honestly don't know what to make of Invincible - you don't want to overlook it entirely for two reasons - 1) it's his last proper album in his lifetime and 2) there's still as mentioned those three decent tracks. BUT ... three out of what is it, 15-16 tracks .... kind of a bust, unfortunately.

    Then .... there's The Lost Children. I'll leave that one here, unfortunately my memory wasn't lost from that one. It's pretty much an album of his past glories, mostly inferior ones at that.

    As for the videos 'Cry' reminds me of Man In The Mirror (except not as interesting) and 'You Rock My World' (the 15minute version is better ... but not saying a great deal still ... that's pretty much every video he's ever done in there).

    In order of what I like:

    1. Whatever Happens
    2. Heaven Can Wait
    3. Butterflies
    4. Speechless
    5. You Are My Life
    6. Don't Walk Away
    7. Threatened
    8. Cry
    9. Break Of Dawn
    10. You Rock My World
    11. Unbreakable
    12. Heartbreaker
    13. Invincible
    14. 2000 Watts
    15. Privacy
    16. The Lost Children
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