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Thread: Have you watched Square One: Michael Jackson yet?

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    Have you watched Square One: Michael Jackson yet?

    If so, what's your opinion? Do you think it's a game changer as some fans are claiming?
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    If so, what's your opinion? Do you think it's a game changer as some fans are claiming?
    I have seen the whole “Square One” film on “YouTube,” PG. In it, the Chandler case —— and, how it came about, due to the extortion attempt targeting Michael in 1993, made by the greedy father of the then-young boy who had ended up falsely accusing him —— is being examined and discussed.

    There probably wouldn’t have been any books written by the likes of such “journalists” as Victor Gutiérrez —— who wrote a purely fictional book based on that first case and the original accuser —— and, none of the negative media “feeding frenzy” against Michael (then, considered as “news coverage,” at the time) that resulted from sensationalistic, false allegations of molestation, during the Early- and Mid-1990’s. There also wouldn’t have been any civil suits filed, and no grand jury testimony* for the first accuser to have given in court (*which never happened anyway, because, he had refused/declined to testify).

    There would have been no “interview” (which, in my honest opinion, was more than likely a set-up, all planned out by the “interviewer”) given on the T.V. program, “L.W.M.J.,” that led to the Arviso case, nor would there have been the 2005 criminal trial that ended in the NOT GUILTY verdict on all counts —— nor the findings of a long (more than a decade) F.B.I. investigation finally exonerating Michael after he passed —— and, the two former friends-turned-current accusers, along with their respective family members, wouldn’t have appeared in Dan Reed’s so-called “documentary” film, “Leaving Neverland,” a movie that probably never would have been made, in the first place.

    The Chandler case is what led to all of these other negative things that have since happened; It also proves that such allegations made against Michael were, and are, ALL LIES.
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    It's quite nice but I don't think it will reach that many people, mostly fans that are already convinced of his innocence will watch it but I doubt mainstream adiences are going to bother seeing it.
    It could be a game changer if it had the same promo leaving neverland had but I don't see this happening anytime soon...

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