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Thread: NEW UNRELEASED SONGS being auctioned on 7/11/2018

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    "Get Your Weight Off Me" (or "Can't Get Your Weight Off Me") is an Invincible outtake, right? IIRC, there were leaked snippets a few years ago; sounded similar to "Unbreakable", "Heartbreaker", "Invincible" and "Threatened", all songs Jerkins produced on Invincible.

  2. It is correctly named "Get Your Weight Off Of Me" and yes, it is a track produced by Rodney Jerkins from the 1999-2001 INVINCIBLE recording sessions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korgnex View Post
    Nope. There is no 2014 remix.
    How can you be sure?

  4. ^ None of the Jerkins tracks went anywhere and Jerkins didn't do any other new mix.

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