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Thread: DL: Janet Jackson Rock Witchu Tour Los Angeles FULL Soundboard Audio

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    DL: Janet Jackson Rock Witchu Tour Los Angeles FULL Soundboard Audio

    For the longest time,there's been a lack of a decent version of the Rock Witchu Tour available to the fans. Even with the screen rips and soundboard audio from the L.A. show,it was obviously lacking a lot in terms of sound quality because many songs were cut in the middle or during parts of the song or just cut all together (Discipline). Until very recently,I didn't think that the full soundboard recording existed,until I stumbled upon the original uploader's MixCloud page where they uploaded the (almost) full uncut soundboard,which has seemingly gone unnoticed by everyone. Since some songs were missing from the uploads on MixCloud,I took it upon myself to fill in the gaps and make an audio version of the 100% complete show and I've done so in this audio file here. Every song and interlude is included,including the elusive Discipline which was not present in the video leak of this concert,but is present in this audio version. I will be adding a visual to this soon to coincide with this audio release,but I will unfortunately have to take Discipline from another concert,since the original uploader was not generous and didn't upload the song from this show in video form. It will take some time to make however. Also I want to point out that in Runaway at the end of the show when she thanks the audience,it does not cut to an amateur recording of the show like several copies of this show do. The audio in this is strictly from the soundboard and nothing is tampered with,other than raising the volume and a bit of clean up. This is my belated Christmas gift to you all. Enjoy (la la la la!)!5t5llRKD!5Pqd5I-PD...VPMEEa_IeJBEjs
    Here's a link to the individual songs combined into an album format with album tags and a cover which is in the folder:!hxJGDawI!nD553-9z_...Z6vT5HNo85EEWY
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