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Found out about this relatively recently. Obvious cash grab, but they could have done a much better job with the tracklist. "Unbreakable", "Scream", "This Place Hotel", "Dirty Diana" and
"Dangerous" have no place on what's supposed to be a scary-themed album. I would have just included:

1. "Thriller" (2003 Edit)
2. "Somebody's Watching Me"
3. "Torture"
4. "Smooth Criminal"
5. "Blood On The Dance Floor"
6. "Ghosts"
7. "Is It Scary"
8. "Threatened"
9. "Shout"
10. Megamix track

And I'd rename it to Is It Scary or Shout.
What???? They aren't even scary-themed songs.

But anyway, I'm over this album. The only song I care to listen to once putting in the CD is ''Blood on the Dance Floor X Dangerous''.