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Thread: Do you regard the Motown albums as part of Michael's solo catalogue?

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    ^Yep, his solo career started with 1971s GTBT - therefore MJ had celebrated in 2001 his 30th Anniversary as a solo entertainer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by POF View Post
    ^Yep, his solo career started with 1971’s “G.T.B.T.” - therefore, MJ had celebrated in 2001 his 30th Anniversary as a solo entertainer.
    EXACTLY, POF!!! It seems that common sense should have told anyone who wants to believe so strongly that Michael’s solo career began with “O.T.W.” (when he grew up and became an adult) —— including some of us posting, right here and now, on this board, who would be and who are expected to know better (sadly) —— that his start as a solo performer came about through marketing and promotion by Motown, since him and Jermaine were both the lead singers for the group, during the brothers’ earlier years as “The Jackson 5.” Thus, each lead vocalist was given their solo recording contract, while still staying in the group. Not only was this done with Michael, when he was still a child/young teenager, but with Jermaine’s early solo career on Motown as well.
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