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Thread: What Do You Think the Future holds for the Michael Jackson Brand

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    Quote Originally Posted by PG13 View Post
    Moonwalker Bluray also got a new cover. The DVD before that also had a new cover.

    There's nothing wrong with the original one! Yes, there was also another re - release - Moonwalker with its original cover.

    So, excuse me if I'm not stupid enough to shell out for a nicer picture or audio for another re-release if it happens again. Bottomline is content is the king and that means EXTRAS as in footage. Jerry Kramer got a Grammy for the Making of, I think.
    Serious question, do you not own blurays of any DVD/VHS you own unless there are bonus features? It's far from stupid to upgrade your film library. Millions of people have no issue rebuying something because of how amazing the increase in quality from DVD to Bluray is. It's not just some elitist videophile enthusiast group buying these things you know.

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    ^^^It's very much a standard now for extras to be on DVDs and for Bluray to have a bit more extras than DVDs. The last Bluray I bought was the TMNT one from Tesco because tesco had an exclusive extra 30mins.

    Vast majority of both formats here have extras. So, why should I pay the same full price for any MJ Bluray with NO extras? That's not good value and I've seen them a million times each. Dvds still sell very well. Bluray still sells less than DVDs, e.g. Frozen DVD (11million) outsold Frozen Bluray (7million) by several million copies. 17 Bluray titles have managed to sell over 3million copies (USA, I think) to date. Given these numbers, the vast majority of the general public are not rebuying Blurays to replace their dvds. To compound matters for Bluray, we have the rise of on demand film rentals such as Netflix.

    Extras or nothing. Despite having two dvds of Enter The Dragon, I got it on Blu-Ray for the extras in the form of memorabilia and subtitles for some Bruce Lee documentaries where DVD had no subs. Subs don't apply to MJ for me unless it's footage of him talking behind the scenes. Extra footage is a must.

    Another Bluray I got in recent years was The Crow. I'd been a fan of the film for years, but never actually had my own copy. My local store didn't have a DVD of it, but it did have ONE Bluray. So, I bought that. No extras on it, but since I didn't have it on any format previously, I bought it. Otherwise I'd have left it on the shelf. Depends on my reasons for buying.
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