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Thread: State Of Shock: Mick or Freddie?

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    Donít worry, POF. I have increased the size of the font Iím using, so, it should be easier to read.
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    Mr Freddie Mercury all the way..Freddie's vocals (IMHO) crush MJs in both their duets..Freddie in my belief probably had the best(male) voice in POP/Rock music..Just deeper, more power and thrust if you will than anyone I can think of off hand
    ETA: Wanted to Mention I am a huge fan of the stones but Micks voice is eh, not the best, but I would def go and see them perform if they came anywhere near me..Mick has a rockers voice, be he does not hold a Candle to Freddie. When Queen did that live AID they were hands down the best 15 mins of the whole show. Freddie's love of showmanship indeed, rivaled MJ, but in a much different way of course.

    While Mick is still touring,it does show that even when you are pushing past 70 you can still do it. I have read Mick runs 12 miles a day, with a trainer,prepping for a show as it has been said that is how much ground he covers in his shows (crazy but impressive for an old man..If Michael had half the fitness of Mick< he sure could of done small tours..Just not anything with the level of grander that he might have wanted to.
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