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Thread: Welcome to MaxJax: HIStory Continues!

  1. Welcome to MaxJax: HIStory Continues!

    The original MaxJax was abruptly shut down on 20th January, and it was done solely by Greg Spinks. It is unfortunate that no thought was given to the forum members to allow them time to save their contacts, photos and varied posts. This was completely out of the hands of the remaining Founders and Moderators. Needless to say, we no longer have contact or associations with him of any kind and our respective paths have now gone in different directions. Despite this, we wish him the best and we each keep fond memories of the time that we shared with him on MaxJax.

    "Don't waste your time on the past, it's time you look to the future..."

    We could go into the specifics of what actually happened, but we don't believe it would change anything at all. Nothing good or productive can come from this, so we are just going to keep moving ahead towards our new future!

    "It's time you open up, have some faith..."

    MaxJax: HIStory Continues is a continuation of the old, but also a renewed focus on the future. In the spirit of enthusiasm for the future, we welcome both the old and the new members to HIStory Continues!

    While we do have a database backup of the old board, we decided that a clean start for everyone and everything would be the best way to go. This board is brand new - members will go through the registration process and threads will be created as we go. We have kept most of the MaxJax forum names and some forum icons have been specially created while others are slightly different to the old versions. In addition, we have also made several small changes such as the customised user reputation titles which are more 'Michaelised'. A new forum logo has also been specially created for the new forum. Since we are starting new, the layout and designs may change slightly over time as we settle in to our new home - so don't be surprised if you notice something different at times!

    "You gotta know you've got to stand strong!"

    As always, our aim is to promote honest, expressive discussion on all aspects of Michael Jackson's life and career.

    A special mention has to go to Krystikel who made HIStory Continues happen as well as to Chris Cadman and other dear friends for their support in our endeavours to create the forum once again.

    As Michael once said, "HIStory Begins with YOU!"

    In anticipation of the future,

    MaxJax: HC Team

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    Welcome back people.....happy you are back....i wish it will be even better and bigger than before

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  5. Can't believe were back! I'm really excited about it, thanks to all involved/web designers who made it possible

    thank you!

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    I give thanks to member "Kriminal" from the old MaxJax forum for letting me know about this! I have also let another member I am in touch with know about this new forum as well, I hope she'll be joining us soon!

    I had a feeling this forum would be back, which was why I wasn't too disappointed to see it go - because something in me told me the forum would be back soon - and I was right. I know MJ is no longer here with us, but we can still celebrate and appreciate his legacy and future releases of MJ-related material. THANK YOU to all who made this new site possible! I do think MJ would be proud and he would deeply appreciate it that his fans still care.

    He may be gone but good-bye is never forever.

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    Welcome Back

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    I was not and member of the old forum but I heard what happened and its a shame nobody had the chance to save anything from it.

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    I heard (or rather, read) about the new MaxJax on MJJC, so...I'm here because I absolutely adore Michael and love meeting fans from all over the world and well, I'm addicted to MJ forums.

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    Before I start posting here at this brand new forum, I wanted to drop in this thread and say WELCOME BACK, MAXJAX!!

    Long time no see to good old MaxJaxers, and nice to meet you to new members

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    I guess I should say hi too! I'm Marni, incognito Really, I just wanted a "different" username this time round

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    I haven't been very active on any MJ forum lately, really, but I used to be a member on the old MaxJax and since Reeta told about this new one I had to register of course. Feels good to be back

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