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Thread: Infractions

  1. Infractions

    We will be utilizing the Infractions system here on MaxJax: HC. Should a board member break the rules then we reserve the right to perform corrective action and that is when the Infractions would be used.

    The following are the infractions currently in place:

    • Number of points
    • Days until Infraction expiration

    Spamming/Double Posting
    • 5 points
    • 30 days
    Inappropriate language/Bypassing the profanity censor
    • 5 points
    • 30 days
    Posting officially released material
    • 10 points
    • 30 days
    Disrespecting forum member
    • 20 points
    • 3 months
    Ignoring direction from team
    • 20 points
    • 3 months
    Allowing another user unauthorized access
    • 30 points
    • 6 months
    Duplicate account
    • 30 points
    • 6 months

    Infraction points accumulate while they are active (not expired) and if the total number of points reaches a particular amount then the system will generate a ban. Those are as follows:

    20 points = 7 day temporary ban
    40 points = 1 month temporary ban
    60 points = Permanent ban

    Should you receive an infraction, do not discuss it publicly in any area of the board as that is against forum rules. You are welcome to message a member of the team if you have any questions about an infraction you have received.

    We reserve the right to modify the infractions, points, expiry, and ban times. We will always post an update in this thread if such a change is made. We also reserve the right to issue custom infractions if we deem appropriate.

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    So glad you guys have this infraction system in place so members aren't banned permanently from the forum without warning like in other places. I never thought I would say thankyou for a punishment system

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    Bumping this as a reminder that this system has always been in place.

    Usually, we're not given reason for issuing infractions, but it does happen on occasion.
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