Maximum Jackson: HIStory Continues Forum Rules


As a member of Maximum Jackson: HIStory Continues (aka MaxJax: HC) you agree to the following rules:


  1. Duplicate accounts are strictly not allowed (i.e. more than one username per person). Abusing MaxJax: HC accounts in any way will result in a ban at the discretion of MaxJax: HC Team. This includes, but is not limited to, allowing another person unauthorized access to your user name.
  2. We do not delete user accounts and we will deny any requests to do so.
  3. If you would like your username changed, please PM a Team member - we will only change a username once, and we reserve the right to deny requests.
  4. You must not discuss confidential account information on any public area of MaxJax: HC. This includes, but is not limited to, discussion of bans, warnings, infractions, and private messages. Please use the PM system if you wish to discuss these or PM a Team member to discuss any concerns regarding confidential information.


  1. Respect of Mr. Jackson, the site, its members and Team must be exercised at all times. It is okay to express your opinion and in turn please respect the opinions of others. Trolling, baiting and flaming is unacceptable. Please be polite and civil to your fellow members. We will not allow vilification or bashing of any sex, race, religion, group, creed or person on this forum. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Attacks on other fan sites/fan forums will also not be tolerated.
  2. Please refrain from swearing or using profanity where possible. Do not use symbols or replacement letters to bypass the built in censor.
  3. Threats of violence towards other members will result in a permanent ban. Threats to harm oneself or others will be deleted immediately without notice.
  4. Do not spam. This includes repeatedly posting the same topic, double posting, hogging threads with personal discussion, sales and promotion of personal sites; this rule also covers signatures.
  5. Do not double post. To add to your post, please use the edit function. To quote several people, use the multi-quote function.
  6. Please search the forums before posting a new thread. Your news item or topic may have already been posted.
  7. If you post information or news from another site, you must accompany your post with a full URL of the site which you got it from.
  8. MaxJax: HC will not tolerate discussions or postings of a sexual nature which includes but is not limited to fan fiction, images, and pornography. Adult discussions about biology and relationships may be acceptable. The Team reserve the right to remove any post or thread we deem is inappropriate.
  9. If you’re not sure if your topic is allowed, please PM a MaxJax: HC Team member prior to posting.
  10. MaxJax: HC does not endorse sales. We accept no responsibility for private sales between members via PM, e-mail or any other means of communication and members do so at their own risk. While we accept no responsibility for the content of outside links, eBay and other online merchant links may be posted.
  11. You must not use MaxJax: HC forums to upload or post commercially released material of Michael Jackson's or any other artist.
  12. If you wish to have a signature image, it must be 425W x 250H pixels or less. If you wish to use 2 or more images in your signature, they must be equal to this size. In addition, you are allowed to use 3 lines of text. Large signature images take longer to load and stretch out threads. If your signature does not fall within these guidelines, you will be asked to kindly amend it. We reserve the right to remove any signature that we deem unacceptable.
  13. If one of the team close, move or delete your thread and you feel this was in error, you must contact the team via PM to discuss the issue. Do not make a thread about your topic being closed or deleted.
  14. If you see a post that breaches any one of our rules, please use the report function or PM a MaxJax: HC Team member to alert us to the problem.

Please Note:

  • All rules apply to every area of MaxJax: HC, including profile visitor messages, social groups, and blogs. You may not continue discussion of a closed or deleted topic in these areas of the site. You must not use these additional features to personally attack other members, hint at trouble with other members or discuss bannings and warnings.
  • These rules are subject to change at any time and it is the members' responsibility to re-read them when any changes are made. Members will be informed of any such changes in our Announcements forum.

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