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09-01-2012, 02:59 AM
This is a Michael painting i worked on originally from March 2011-June 2011. School ended so i never got to finish it the way i wanted ti to be. Senior year came, and from April-May 2012 i pulled it out and reworked alot into it. I hope you enjoy it. Here i will post images of it during various stages of completion. Enjoy :) """""Keep in mind this is my first time painting!!!!""""""""

The first photo of the painting in process. There is alot more from this era, but they are on my ipod and i will post them later. So stay tuned :)
The hat alone took me 3 days. The face took 1 week. From here i moved directly below the panel and i started painting the This is It Panel.

Here you see the begining of the 2nd Panel, and a nearly complete 1st one. It took me about 2 weeks to finish 1 panel.
In the 2nd panel you can see how i went about adding detail by layering colors.

*****(missing photos go here)*****(This area shows me adding onto the Moonwalker Michael panel. He used to be half a body, but i decided to add his body in. I wanted to to look like he was fading in. However, in the 2012 finished photo youll see i added "magic" :) )

This frame shows a near complete 2011 painting, with only the record needing to be completed. I only had 1 day to work on the record and i really didnt want to. I hated the record, and i only spent 1 day on it. I had no time to finish the wording.

*****(more unfinished photos belong here)*****

(All below images are taken with 8 megapixel camera) This is the Finished 2011 project. Here you see the record in the state I left it in. This picture was taken in 2012 before i started to rework it. Becuase i got a new camera, the photo is in HD. More so than my old 3 megapixel camera which captured the above images when it was originally being painted.

In 2012, this is the new set of colors i was using JUST to RETOUCH and FINISH it. :0 feel free to count. lol im not.

This photo was taken as the 2012 retouching was taking place. During this time i began to add glitter paint to the "This is It" lights. I also began minor cosmetic changes.

This is the finished product. I dont think its fully complete and i could really do alot more. I'm not going to though, i want it to retain the feel and value it had when i did it in 2011. The Glitter was added, are redid the Thriller record and finished the words on it the best i could.
Smooth Criminal Mike in the upper right had minor changes to the eye and skin area. Motwon Michael also looks alot better than he did in June 2011. I spent the most time on him, as he required the most care.
I also finished the This is It panel by adding smaller details, glitter to lights, and minor color corrections.