View Full Version : Listen Out loud, MJs Madonnas and Gladys Knights Managers bio

04-10-2017, 03:02 AM
I read this a lil bit ago, and it was OK, but I will stick to talking about MJ as this man managed MJ right before Frank Dileo did.

He said that he felt that Frank was MUCH to harsh a man for someone like MJ, and that MJ really needed kid glove treatment, he claims that if Mj was with a manager that treated him super kind (which was more this managers style) that mj would still be here. This manager HATED Joe (Joe hated him and always was talking about the "JEWS" managing my boys"

He goes on to say that he begged mj not to do the victory tour and tried to get MJ to say no to his father and just move out of Hayvenhust.. He eventually was pushed aside for frank, but MJ kept in daily contact with him for years. He had said that he no longer wanted a business relationship with MJ but a friendship was fine. He felt that Neverland had a VERY odd and a menacing vibe to it and that it lead to more extreme Isolation for MJ and was not the right place for him.

He was around the last days of MJs life, and was on the phone with Laytoya and had a drug rehab room set up, and he was actually just going to use security and drag mj out of the country to a rehab. He had been told and he had seen JUSt how bad MJ was getting. he said he looked like a concentration camp victim at that point He writes that he always loved MJ, and would do whatever, even if illegal to get him help..In hysterics though Laytoya begs him to call if off (this is about 10 days before MJ died) So pissed off he calls it all off..A week later MJs is dead, but this man knew it was coming because he saw MJs body, and state of mind.

The stuff of Madonna (being such a B****) and Gladys Knight were good parts, but if you just want to read about MJ and how this manager worked together it is a pretty decent read.

One odd thing i did find was he said, that when the whole jackson family would have these "meetings' he would show up and know INSTANTLY if there was going to be problems JUST by the fact that Joe would be sitting there with a nasty look on his fact and all the brothers would be wearing sunglasses..So it got to the point he would walk in and case the place and if he saw sunglasses he was like "goddamn it" and it meant the boys were not going to talk only Joe would rail at him..
For what it is worth he says,

Was Mj a weirdo you betcha, was he lonely, sad and tragic, another yes. was he guilty not in a million years.

Good read , worth it.