View Full Version : Howling at the Moon (half is about MJ)

04-10-2017, 02:47 AM
This was a good bio, if a bit on the self indulgent side of things..Walter talks about how many women he has slept with, how much coke he has done and why he could not keep a woman.

The one very telling thing he said about MJ (and he said alot, recall he was also in bad 25 I believe) was

2 or 3 nights prior to the Grammys MJ calls him up in the middle of the night (as usual Mj called him daily at that time to complain that his album had moved to number 2) Anyhow in this instance MJ was half in tears and was saying to Walter "walter I need you to ban Q from the Grammys, today, he cannot go, he has PLENTY of Grammys (note this is going to be the grammys where MJ makes the sweep for thriller) Walter says, "

I cannot ban Q, sorry, he is invited he is going..MJ says BUT walter he did not even help with producing Thriller at all, he just sat in the sessions! Walter---MJ damn it, I was in that studio DAILY and I watched Q produced, write songs, do arrangement's and hire everyone...MJ says well tell him to bow out he really only helped out a little, Walter --MJ nobody bows out, GO TO THE GODDAMN grammys and for Christs sake ACT like you are happy....

Walter is at the grammys as well that night and he comments a lil later in the book
You would NEVER have known that MJ was on the phone with me at 4 am the few nights before this, as he acted like he loved and worshiped Q big time.

For me just this story shows me that MJ wanted ALL the GLORY for thriller and Q none..I wonder if it was insecurity, or if he was just being a jerk or what. i thought I had read MJ was a pleasure in collaborations, and that may be true but afterwards he makes what he did THAT much more than YOU did, so you are a jerk and deserve no credit.

The book was good, and Walters insights about how MJs mind worked, were interesting to say the least..MJ certainly was and could be a manipulative lil bastard, even to the head of Sony (to get what he wanted he would play the baby innocent victim with crying and tears the whole works, WHICH worked even with a hard ass big wig like Walter)LOL..In this book it was MJ who was partly responsible for getting Walter Dismissed as Head of sony, somehow he was talked into using a vote to kick Walter to the curb.

I dunno I think the man who owned Virgin records was whispering in MJs ear that Sony was not treating him right, and promising movie deals trying to get MJ signed onto Virgin, and of course at this time MJ owns half of sony publishing, so I am sure his people had some board presence and could vote on who the ceo was going to be.
MJ used to call walter up to the podium if he won awards, which was not usual for stars (to call the prez of the record company) but despite Walter thinking he might have been like a surrogate uncle to MJ, Mj dropped him like a hot potato when it was no longer convenient.. Just like MJ did with Q.

Ah well, good book, did not pussyfoot around was blunt and too the point. You might get sick of how much p***Y WALTER talks about getting and how he gets it, but you could skim that and get to the MJ parts.