View Full Version : Kushiel, anyone admit to reading?:)

03-04-2017, 12:34 AM
Hey all,

OK I have read these books (very very long yes, about 1000 pages per book and 8 or 9 books) NOT for kids and you need a strong stomach for some parts, yet I find them interesting..I actually read them so fast that I got cramps in my fingers using my old amazon kindle.

Nice world building, some twists, some eh lets say out there sexual situations (but not too much as far as how long the books are, some cool spy twists and turns) I started getting bored by the 5th book or so, since it seemed that too many situations were just solved with a quickie. But the first few books were Captivating...

Will anyone on here admit to reading these? They are not romance books, yet there is some under current of love in it..They are more sexual, adventure,fantasy (high fantasy) books set in alternate worlds. I heard about them from a quite of few German ladies.