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MJJ Whosbad
06-10-2012, 10:43 PM
Hi there!
Hereīs my latest creation.
As my mother tongue isnīt english, it might have got some grammatical mistakes in it. My apologies for that.
The poem may sound negative - I wasnīt in a good mood when I wrote it. Nevertheless I hope you guys enjoy it.


Why canīt I live just like anybody else?
Is it me whoīs wrong? Is it all about wealth?
I feel that I donīt belong here - itīs unfair
This world of hate, jealousy and crime - donīt they dare?

Insomnia, anorexia and immense hate
Of that injustice in our community - something I canīt take
Michael was so strong - how did he manage
To deal with those problems - a world of damage?

To think positive - thatīs not possible for me
I donīt feel happy - I am not free
Did Michael feel the same here in life?
Being unwanted, hated - and a toy in the peopleīs eyes?

Iīm so frustrated and still canīt sleep
But I am metally so tired - All I do is weep
Can we create a better place?
For you and for me - like Michael says?

We destroy our world - All we do is damaging
Nobody cares about others - Didnīt we learn any other thing?
Love eachother - God told us how it works
But we - the "important" people donīt need it - just dirty smirks

Iīm done with that - but I wonīt give up
Maybe todayīs children will create peace - when theyīre adult
Michael, please stay with me! Let me feel you are here
I just canīt take it - I need someone sincere!

06-10-2012, 11:09 PM
I'm agree with you , we're living in crazy world. Even if Michael said "Keep the faith" i don't think we are in a good way...
Thanks for sharing your poem whosbad !

MJJ Whosbad
06-11-2012, 09:52 PM
Another poem Iīve created in April this year:


What would I do
If you were still here?
Would I have the chance
To speak with you - my dear?

This world is hard for me - to hard
Why did you have to go? It took me apart
The music is still important - yeah, it is
But the spirit is gone - thereīs so much I miss

Life goes on - I try to forget
I know thatīs difficult - thereīs all over regret
Are you happy - wherever you are?
Maybe youīre above the world - a bright shining star

I know you are here - you protect me - you guide
Thatīs a reason which fulfils me with pride
The sleepless nights - maybe they are a sign
Did you show me how it works - to rhyme?

My dreams are complicated
To understand them - this is hard
But I know the changes of my life
were necessary - it was a new start

Michael, can you hear me?
Please, give me a sign
Are you near me?
Are you mine?

You taught me how to love
Unconditionally and without prejudice
Thank you so much for that
You give me a feeling of peace

Am I be able to be a mom?
Can I raise children - will it be fun?
Tutoring is different - raising is a job
Very responsible - possible? Or not?

Maybe Iīm thinking too negative
Having doubts and fear
God - please help me
Are you still near?

Iīm lonely and scared
I feel like a baby
But I should be strong
Iīm adult - a lady

What should I do?
Can you tell me where to begin?
I miss your jokes, your child-like character
How can I win?

Thanks for your inspiration
I will treasure this forever
To forget you? This wonīt happen
Not in this life or after - Never!!!

06-16-2012, 09:25 PM
Thought this one--though sad, might be appropriate since it will soon be the 25th again.

Frozen In Time...2009

It came without warning, out of the blue,
it left many wondering "Could it be true?"
It sent waves of shock
which were felt world wide
as the words were spoken:
"Michael Jackson has died"
These words spoken
so clear and refined...
Frozen in time...2009

"Oh my God!" came my words
upon hearing the news,
"Oh my God!" said my thoughts
as I kept hidden from view,
the shock which was nesting
in the front of my mind...
Frozen In Time...2009

The pranksters in jest
have attempted their jokes
'He's not dead", say they:
"He's alive! See, we have 'proof',
His death's only a hoax."
This 'proof' I ignore
for a more Godly sign:
"Michael now rests
in the Heavens divine"...

Time has moved on, as have the years.
The sadness subsided, as have the tears.
But still there's a feeling, hard to define
Frozen In Time...2009

It doesn't make sense,
I just cannot say,
why does it still feel like
"just yesterday"?
why can't I move on?
this puzzles my mind
Frozen In Time...2009

Now, to take the edge off the sadness, I'll add this next one...This one is a bit 'Michaelicious" Enjoy :26:

The Secret (aka: the Secret Visitor)

I am alone in my living room
light radiates from the television,
I am focused on the screen.
Suddenly I feel...
...a kiss, soft and loving,
...a gentle touch.

I am alone

I close my eyes and focus
on the warmth of the love
being expressed.

I sigh.

I wonder who is with me,
I speak softly:
"Is that you, Michael?
...oh, I hope so. My love,
my sweet, sweet love."

I feel myself responding
to the sensations being created
as his soft voice confirms his identity.

I am alone with my secret visitor,
my secret love.
The room is quiet,
my eyes are closed,
my hands rest by my sides...

06-17-2012, 01:09 PM
I think I am bad at understanding poems completely even at this stage of my life. I appreciate that there are many good poets here. Congratulations on being MJ fans & poets together, and thanks for writing and sharing it with us. I like beatit777mj's poem more, whence the first two are not any less good poetry.

06-23-2012, 02:49 AM
Hope everyone enjoys this one...It's a work in progress...

Untitled--to commemorate June 25, 2009

He was taken from us before God was through.
So much left to accomplish, so much left to do.

It still seems so senseless,
It still seems so wrong,
The attempts of the haters to silence your song,
We need you here, Michael where you truly belong.

It’s been three years, and still nothing’s the same,
It still brings about tears to mention his name…

How the haters rejoiced the day that he died,
How the haters rejoiced as the rest of us cried.
“Not guilty.” claimed his killer,
His evil heart filled with pride…

I’ve heard some thinking “Forget him…he’s dead.
‘He wasn’t important, put him out of your head…”

Though it does my heart good to know Michael’s at peace,
The pain of his loss has yet to decrease.
And though he’s at home in the Heaven’s above,
I won’t ever forget my angel…my love…
Who brought joy to my heart year after year,
And whose passing on the 25th will bring forever a tear….

….I love you Michael…R.I.P. forever--my love.

06-28-2012, 11:08 AM
Lovely, touching poems, everyone :) Thanks for sharing.

One of my poems, inspired by MJ's 'Dancing The Dream'
poetry etc. collection.

The Dance Of The Universe

There is Beauty in the movement of each Blade Of Grass,
And Clouds form, then start to move: they, too, shall pass.
The ancient endless cycle of the sun and the soft silver moon
Measures lifespans of creations-they're dances, stopped so soon.
Hypnotic, Rhythmic Swaying of All Surfaces Of Seas and Oceans
Is mirrored by the sands of deserts, like a conflict of emotions.
Each Living Cell...each Tiny, Precious Speck Of Cosmic Dust
Wants to continue existing, so it moves-it Dances as It Must.