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05-08-2014, 06:38 AM
I started writing this MJ fan fic about a month ago,and I've lately lost the drive to write it,but after a break-up,I think I will be continuing on with it...
Enjoy this so far:
It is July of 1992.I just graduated from UCLA with a major in business managing.
I also became apart of Michael Jackson's world the same month,becoming his business consultant on his "Dangerous World Tour",
which just started last week in Munich,Germany. Now,how does a "plain-Jane" like me get the job of the century with an international
superstar? I guess it was just...fate.
Okay...rewind. My name is Jesse Fontana. I was born July 21st,1968 in a small,quaint town just an hour south of Los Angeles.
The town is so small in fact that most people in the state of California have never heard of it.I'm not kidding,either.
Our only major place in our town is the school,which is three stories high; the first floor is for elementary,the second for junior high,and
the third is high school. We lived in a 423-person town,so about fifty kids went to the same school for twelve years.
I had a pretty good home life.My parents have been together for twenty four years,which is quite remarkable in modern society.
I grew up an only child,so my parents did anything and everything for me no matter what it was. Music has always played a huge role
in my life,and I grew up listening to every genre imaginable: rap,pop,rock,heavy metal,country,classical,etc.
One artist particularly was my favorite: Michael Jackson. Everything about him was just perfect:
his voice,his body,his smile,his eyes,his dancing...everything. I even had a huge nerdy crush on him,which I still have
Now,how did I get the job with him? Well,I didn't tell you what my parents do for a living...
My mother works as a security guard for major hotels in Los Angeles,and my father works as an executive at Pepsi,who sponsors Michael himself.
My dad received calls from Michael's management,who asked if he knew anyone who had business management.
"My daughter actually just graduated from UCLA with a degree in business management.She's young,but she definitely knows what she's doing."
So,luck has it,my dad convinced the "big-wigs" over in Michael's management to hire me! I was trembling in excitement,because this was a
lifelong dream come true. At long last I finally get to meet Michael Jackson!!!!!
-end of Chapter One-


11-11-2014, 09:47 AM
Update: Sorry about no updates,but the fan fiction title has been changed and the story is now complete!
I will do an updated thread quickly,so stay tuned.