View Full Version : Me Singing BillieJean

03-07-2013, 12:05 AM

enjoy, just laugh at it.

In my video, i was eating potato chips, i have a stuffy nose, i burped, and forgot alot of lyrics. lol instead of

"Mother always told me be careful what you do"

i said

"Mother always told me, be careful who you do"

for the longer bridge, i added part of Price of Fame (though i messed up the lyrics, i choose not to go back and resing. I was singing in my car at wallmart during lunch break), then i added a recorded phone audio i had from years ago.

"thats not even a false acusation, she is a hoe, so if someone calls her a hoe, then shes not... you cant be like (no im not a hoe) yea you are..."