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11-26-2012, 01:48 PM
Maximum Jackson: HIStory Continues latest article will be published on the 1st Decemeber at 9pm UK time. Other Moonwalker related articles will follow in the run up to Christmas. :)

Background to the interview

In February 2008, I had amassed quite a number of contacts who had worked on various aspects of Moonwalker and one of them was Bruce Broughton. I thought Daniel would do a better job of interviewing him than I would, so I gave him the contact details and this was the interview that resulted! On the old Max Jax, we actually had a hidden section originally titled 'Moonwalker: 20th Anniversary' which was later changed to 'Moonwalker: A Celebration' at my suggestion when the deadline passed and we weren't ready. Daniel's interview was in there alongside my articles, Marni's interviews and a whole host of pictures I'd collected of different Monwalker merchandise.

Now, we're ready to share what we managed to do for the 'Moonwalker: A Celebration' that never happened due to certain unfortunate inconveniences. We hope you will enjoy our Moonwalker trip in the run up to Christmas!

Look out for December 1st to read Daniel's interview with Bruce Broughton! :cool:

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support!