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  1. Michael's productions for other artists
  2. Songs intended for Michael, but first recorded/released by others
  3. Complete list of the official versions of songs by MJ, The J5 and The Jacksons
  4. The Evolution of Michael Jackson's Hair
  5. Known Origins of MJ's Songs
  6. Michael's Unreleased Music
  7. Hilarious Review Of Michael Jackson's "Moonwalker" Game
  8. Thriller--Overrated or Really The Best?
  9. Moonwalker (Inside Jokes)
  10. Favourite posthumous material
  11. Introduce Yourself!
  12. The 'King Of Pop' & The Queen Of England
  13. "Stranger Than Fiction" thread - Vol.2
  14. "Earth Song" book by Joseph Vogel on sale for Kindle
  15. 2300 Jackson Street
  16. Thriller Video Filming Locations
  17. Say, Say, Say Video Filming Locations
  18. John Landis
  19. What are your Top 5 Favorite Michael Jackson Songs?
  20. Jacksonese: Misheard Lyrics
  21. Jacksonese: MJ's Speaking Voice
  22. Jacksonese: King of Ad-Libs
  23. Jacksonese: MJ's Vocals
  24. MJ on the computer??
  25. Dream Short Films
  26. The Lost Children Appreciation
  27. Don't Walk Away Appreciation
  28. She Drives Me Wild Appreciation!
  29. Recommendations Thread
  30. Where have you heard/seen MJ recently?
  31. Who Is It Appreciation
  32. Speechless Appreciation
  33. Planet Michael
  34. Favourite live performances!
  35. Money Appreciation!
  36. The King of Pop - an understatement ..?
  37. Songs you wish Michael recorded
  38. Songs from the J5 era you wish Michael sung with the full-adult voice
  39. Roger Troutman from ZZap..........
  40. My personal journey as an MJ fan...my personal message to you!
  41. Where Would Michael Be Today?
  42. Streetwalker
  43. Background Vocals
  44. Concept Albums
  45. Would YOU change Off the Wall's album selection?
  46. Would YOU change Dangerous' album selection?
  47. Similarities among MJ songs
  48. Songs that Michael cowrote with other people
  49. Voices like Michael Jackson
  50. 'Gone Too Soon': The Many Lives of Michael Jackson's Elegy - by Joe Vogel
  51. Bass Appreciation Thread
  52. Your Dream Setlist
  53. Small Moments You Want to Rewind
  54. Reaction Shots
  55. Michael singing through his nose?
  56. DSTYGE vs Cool (The Time/Prince)
  57. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) Appreciation
  58. Tito: "Michael doesn't like interviews"
  59. Michael Jackson Logo
  60. Handwritten Lyrics
  61. Billy Ocean- Caribbean Queen (Inspired by Billie Jean??)
  62. Lydia Murdock - Superstar
  63. State of Shock (Mick) or State of Shock (Freddie)
  64. Mike's Favourite Music
  65. Butterflies PROMO EDIT ad-lib?
  66. Songs that you prefer the Demo/single over the Album cut
  67. The CrEePy Little Susie Paintings
  68. MJJC Interview with Joseph Vogel
  69. Michael and sampling/inspiration/interpolation
  70. Album Covers inspired by Michael's
  71. Favorite Beat on a Michael Jackson song?
  72. Let's Talk About 'Thrad!'
  73. Michael running with the police force
  74. Showcasing Michael's Vocals
  75. Echoing Michael's Personality
  76. Can anyone confirm If MJ actually recorded 'JOY'
  77. a HIStory tour question
  78. Artists that have sung MJ songs.....
  79. Jason's MJ quiz.......think you got what it takes.
  80. Dream setlist for an MTV-Unplugged.......
  81. Smooth Criminal appreciation thread
  82. MJ songs originally intended for other artists
  83. Funniest quotes/moments from Michael
  84. MJ Conspiracies... What you Believe ... Why or Why Not
  85. What do you think of the Invincible album?
  86. Sunset Driver an outtake from Off the wall or Thriller or even Bad?
  87. Vocal Foreshadowing
  88. Songs Reminiscent of MJ
  89. Live Songs vs. Studio Songs
  90. Before you became a Michael Jackson fan..
  91. Rank Michael's Adult Albums
  92. Michael's Makeup
  93. Don't Be Messin Around / Rikki Don't Lose That Number
  94. Michael and Bill Botrell should have produced a full album tiogether
  95. The Way You Love Me Appreciation Thread
  96. Recreate Dangerous track listings.
  97. Recreate History track listings.
  98. Recreate Invincible's track listings.
  99. What song(s) do you hear most on the radio
  100. What's the deal? Michael says 'jew me, sue me' ........Jewish people go nuts.
  101. Overrated songs
  102. Is It Scary appreciation thread
  103. Michael's yell
  104. How does Michael Jackson inspire you?
  105. When "Hold My Hand" leaked...
  106. Happy Birthday Michael Jackson
  107. Is Michael Jackson underrated as a songwriter?
  108. MJ Fans want Quality!
  109. Who Is It appreciation thread
  110. 30th Anniversary -- Jackson 5 Lip-Synching?
  111. LOL. Official MJ Facebook page fails (again).
  112. Wearing Michael Jackson T-shirts in public
  113. Can't stop watching
  114. Do they need to bring in an MJ expert?
  115. Michael in Sonic 3......
  116. A question about the HIStory lipsync vocals.
  117. Dedication to my Ex (Lloyd) - too close to Michael's vocals?
  118. Should the song 'Heal the world' been released as seperate single from Dangerous?
  119. Could Dangerous have sold more than Thriller?
  120. Random facts
  121. Michael meets Stan Lee (Video)
  122. Was an impersonator used in the video to who is it?
  123. Did fans actually realize Michael was in trouble from Bashirs Documentary?
  124. Michael Jackson talks to Oprah
  125. Why no movies in the 90's
  126. The lip syncing on the Dangerous Tour didn't bother me as much as the HIStory Tour
  127. 'Shout' - Appreciation Thread
  128. 100 Things You May Not Know About Michael Jackson
  129. Michaels longest spin
  130. 'To Satisfy You' appreciation thread.
  131. 'On the line' appreciation thread.
  132. Wiki does it again.
  133. What were the best/worse remixes on Blood on the Dancefloor?
  134. Baby Be Mine (The most underrated song on Thriller)
  135. If you could have worked with Michael as a producer
  136. Michael Jackson Facts (Chuck Norris Style)
  137. Dr Freeze and MJ general thread
  138. Bryan Loren and MJ General Thread
  139. Michael Jackson: The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story - By J. Randy Taraborrelli
  140. The Glenda Tapes (Discussion)
  141. After Thriller was Michael in a lose lose situation?
  142. Michael's influence on Hip Hop
  143. MJ & Popularity
  144. Immortal World Tour - Your Thoughts?
  145. You're in charge of the next posthumous release. What do you do?
  146. Is this drummer playing bumper snippet?
  147. If you were Estate Executor, how would you conduct Dangerous25?
  148. Who's Bad? Tribute Tour - Opinions
  149. Was Michael giving up his trademarks?
  150. Michael playing instruments. Could he do it?
  151. Michael Jackson Songs Fit for Other Artists
  152. HIStory during HWT
  153. Question for fans (Michael hate)
  154. Captain EO in the 21st Century
  155. Michael Moments That Make You Laugh/Cry
  156. HIStory - Banned Version
  157. The Wiz
  158. The HIStory of the "Crotch Grab"
  159. Books on Michael Jackson
  160. Anyone else read the Thriller Diaries?
  161. MJ & Will.i.am interview outtakes
  162. If MJ had done an Anti-Tour...
  163. Official lyrics that you think are wrong
  164. All in Your Name (with Barry Gibb) - Appreciation Thread
  165. Should there being a Duet Album, Who should duet with Michael?
  166. ET The Extra Terrestrial
  167. Best of Joy - Appreciation Thread
  168. You Rock My World...a repeat of past successes?
  169. Michael's Late-in-Life Voice Change
  170. Things you liked about the HIStory Tour
  171. The Unreleased: The Questions, Mystery and Information Topic
  172. Show Us Your Michael Jackson Halloween Carvings!
  173. Thriller (Short film)
  174. MJ Halloween coolness.
  175. Michael-THE DANCER
  176. .Ft Michael Jackson
  177. This Is It: Thriller, Ghost and Threatened Performance
  178. Michael Jackson Mentioned In Terminator 2 Alternate Ending - Birthday Is Judgment Day
  179. The New Album: what do you think it would have been called?
  180. Smile Appreciation Thread
  181. Next "All New" Album: Your Fantasy Tracklisting & Wants
  182. Whatzupwitu Appreciation Thread
  183. Sporcle.com
  184. Different pressings of the Bad album
  185. Little Mike Big Mike switch?
  186. In Concern of Quality
  187. The RedOne Tracks
  188. American Music Awards 1984
  189. Invincible: A Bad Album, or a Bad Michael Jackson Album?
  190. Switching Invincible's Tracklist
  191. Why the hate for "Girlfriend"?
  192. Childhood Thread
  193. Alright Now - Appreciation Thread
  194. Wouldn't it have been awesome if MJ went macho?
  195. MJ host of SNL?
  196. Michael Jackson vs. Prince
  197. Michael's Best Acting
  198. Which celebrity said they knew all the words to Michael Jackson songs?
  199. Favorite Concert Performances?
  200. Michael Jackson's 'One More Chance' - A Dream That Turned into a Nightmare
  201. Hollywood Tonight Appreciation Thread
  202. Short film acapella confidence
  203. Dangerous inspiration - Judy Garland
  204. MISSION CONTROL - Behind The Mask article!
  205. "Disco Sucks" - 1979 movement
  206. Sneddon's criminal misconduct petition
  207. Michael's Unreleased Vault Almost Empty?
  208. Posthumous Careers of Other Influential Artists - Putting Michael's into Perspective
  209. For All Time Thread
  210. Escape Appreciation Thread
  211. Upcoming article - "More Than Just Pop, Rock and Disco: Michael J and Donna Summer"
  212. Much Too Soon - Appreciation Thread
  213. Burnt Out
  214. Best Michael covers/cover songs you enjoy listening to?
  215. My radio on Michael Jackson
  216. We have come to celebrate here...
  217. !URGENT! MJ-Related School Project
  218. Brad Buxer Tracks: Appreciation Thread
  219. What's the story in Michael's Who Is It video?
  220. Song lengths
  221. Michael's idea of "Healing The World" - your thoughts?
  222. On the contrary, Mr Jackson...
  223. Quote Of The Day!
  224. Why do so many fans love MJ's vocals for Human Nature on the Dangerous Tour?
  225. I'm the worst Michael Jackson fan because...
  226. A rejected Prince song for MJ
  227. 'Jacko' and 'Wacko'...
  228. Jackson's Downfall: The Backlash
  229. MJ Concert Experience
  230. Rembert Explains the '80s: Michael Jackson at the 1988 Grammy Awards
  231. Michael's Most 'Confident' Album
  232. First MJ Song you ever heard?
  233. The Bad Decisions
  234. Anyone ever watch the Michael Jackson makeup tutorials on youtube?
  235. MaxJax: HC Ghosts Special
  236. Switching Dangerous's Tracklist
  237. MJ LOLZ
  238. Crazy theories out there about MJ...
  239. Could El Debarge outsing Michael Jackson?
  240. Did Michael Lose Interest in Music?
  241. 2BAD Thread
  242. Cringeworthy
  243. Who Sings Shake Your Body in This Is It? (and "Michael's Ticket Designs")
  244. In The Studio With Michael Jackson Seminar
  245. Vocal Influences
  246. Louis, Martin and Michael
  247. [Article] Plectu's Intergalactic Revue: The Disney Attraction That Never Was
  248. Kinder's 'Harry Hippowalk' 2009 MJ Tribute
  249. What More Can I Give (Behind The Scenes - Different Version)
  250. Weirdest Rumors You Have Heard about Michael Jackson