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  1. Estate Announcement March 31 - New Album Xscape Coming May 14
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  5. This album is probably gonna bomb.
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  9. Its 10pm?? Do you know where your children are? lol
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  11. She was loving me - (Fake)
  12. L.A. Reid Masters Michael Jackson's "Xscape" At Bernie Grundman's
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  14. When will YOUR copy arrive?
  15. 10 Reasons Why Michael Jackson's New Album 'Xscape' Should Stay Locked Up
  16. iHeart Music Awards to Premiere New Michael Jackson Song on May 1
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  18. What version(s) of Xscape will you be buying?
  19. Love Never Felt So Good set as debut single
  20. Michael Jackson album guests Justin Timberlake, Mary J. Blige
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  25. Why "Chicago & Loving you" haven't been leaked yet ?
  26. Chicago is on Sony Music Unlimited, 30 second Snippet preview has been released.
  27. What do you guys think of Chicago (She Was Loving Me)??
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  30. Holding Out thread of Patience (and Impatience)
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  34. Slave To The Rhythm on Ellen? AND ITS NOT THE RIGHT VERSION!!!!!!
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  38. MTV premiering Blue Gangster and Xscape on site.
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  46. The question is ?
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  53. Michael Jackson’s Posthumous Album, ‘Xscape,’ Is a Confused, Shameless Money Grab
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  56. Official Immortal video on YouTube features Michael's FINAL VERSION of Blue Gangsta
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  58. Why did Sony compress the music once again?
  59. Blue Gangsta - Music Video
  60. The Papercha$er remix of “Chicago”
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  63. Alki David sues over Billboard performance
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  71. MJ Estate Statement
  72. Is this legit?
  73. Favourite new version.
  74. Favourite Xscape song (Original versions)
  75. Fuse Ranks 'Xscape' Among Best Albums of 2014 (So Far)
  76. Slightly Different Love Never Felt So Good video
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  78. Why was there no new single out this week?
  80. Apparently "Loving You" will be the next single in August
  81. Sold or shipped? 2.3 million? Seriously?
  82. Chicago 1945 Was Withheld from XSCAPE by Steve Porcaro
  83. How Xscape Could Have Been Improved (Assuming the Same Tracklisting)
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  85. Loving You Single
  86. Favorite ''Love Never Felt So Good'' music video
  87. 2nd Single: A Place With No Name to be Released on August 11th
  88. [Rumor] XSCAPE Re-Release to Debut in Late 2014
  89. Why didn't they release the second single a long time ago?
  90. Loving You added to BBC Radio 2
  91. Cirque du Soleil’s ‘MJ ONE’ cast to celebrate “A Place With No Name” in new video
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  105. Was LA Reid really the one who decided the tracklist?