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  1. Bad 25 Press Release
  2. Pepsi Announces Global Partnership with the Estate of Michael Jackson
  3. Don't be Messin' Round-Your thoughts? (Streaming track on 5th post)
  4. Which BAD 25 release(s) will you be buying?
  5. A Message from the Estate of Michael Jackson - Re: the Wembley Show's Quality
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  7. UK release of IJCSLY/DBMA single????
  8. Favourite Bad era song?
  9. Which live performance from the Bad Tour 88/89 is your favorite?
  10. Would YOU change BAD's album selection??
  11. [NOT CONFIRMED] New Deluxe Box Cover Leaked? - Apparent Photoshop
  12. [Updated 6-13] "Let's get a #1 debut!!!!‏" - From MJOT/Estate about IJCSLY CD single
  13. What original 80's Bad merchandise do you own? (Pictures!)
  14. Mission Control: A Couple Of Song & Dance Men: Michael & Fred (Part 1)
  15. Mission Control: A Couple Of Song & Dance Men: Michael & Fred (Part 2)
  16. Mission Control: A Couple Of Song & Dance Men: Michael & Fred (Part 3)
  17. Mission Control: A Couple Of Song & Dance Men: Michael & Fred (Part 4)
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  23. Is Bad 25 a good idea or is it just milking fans?
  24. Bad (Afrojack Club Mix) - Next Single from 'Bad 25'
  25. Who Would YOU Have Liked to Remix a BAD Track?
  26. Go check wikipedia michael jacksons unreleased music section.
  27. The pitbull lyrics on the Bad 25 remix are a joke.
  28. Favorite Song from Bad 25?
  29. Michael Jackson's 'Bad' to Be Honored at Pepsi/Billboard Concert
  30. What Bad 25 release are you looking forward to the most?
  31. Speed Demon - Nero's Remix (streaming link)
  32. Uh oh, here we (possibly) go again..... =(
  33. An Oral History of Michael Jackson's Bad
  34. 'BAD' was released 25 years ago! (August 31, 1987)
  35. BAD 25 Wembley Trailer
  36. Human Nature -- Possible VEVO Premiere
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  40. How come Cheater isnt on Bad 25.........?
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  45. I'm So Blue Discussion
  46. Free Discussion
  47. Abortion Papers Discussion
  48. Abortion, Fame and 'Bad': Listening to Michael Jackson's Unreleased Demos
  49. Full tracks are here!
  50. Favourite "new" song?
  51. Wembley 1988 - All Released Snippets & Full Performances (YouTube)
  52. Bad 25 Deluxe Edition Revealed
  53. The three beeps are still there!?!??! =/
  54. Why didn't they use the original masters like they said?
  55. Bad Tour Live @ Wembley Discussion
  56. Favourite Wembley DVD Performace
  57. Was Michael right in ending his time with Quincy Jones?
  58. Pepsi Marks 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's 'Bad'
  59. Michael Jackson's 'Bad' Just Wasn't That Good
  60. What sonically is the best track on Bad?
  61. Why wasn't there a big deal made about Stevie Wonder appearing on the Bad album?
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  63. BAD 25 Shines Light on Michael Jackson’s Most Underrated Album, Era, And Competitive
  64. Spike Lee wears Air Jordan 7 'Bad 25' custom shoes in honor of Michael Jackson
  65. Did the Bad album lack 'soul'.........?
  66. I love the retro 80's feel to the Bad album
  67. The King of Pop debuts at #1 with 'Michael Jackson Live at Wembley’ DVD; BAD25 CD...
  68. Just Good Friends apprecation
  69. Wembley DVD vocals - live, mimed or overdubbed?
  70. Don't Be Messin' Around appreciation
  71. Fantasy Bad tracklisting
  72. Which parts from Wembley 23rd July have been added to the 16th July DVD?
  73. Matt Forger speaks: The secrets of BAD 25
  75. 'Bad 25' Documentary to Hit LA and NYC Beginning October 19th!
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  86. MISSION CONTROL - "Moonwalking Through His Words"
  87. New Another Part Of Me rehearsal snippet
  88. Why did Bad not out sell Thriller? Did it deserve to?
  89. Guess it's over then =(
  90. Bad 25 vs. Thriller 25