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  1. [Other] Michael Jackson - Don't Be Messin' 'Round (Demo)
  2. [MP3] Birchey's Remixes
  3. [WAV] The Lady In My Life (Full Version)
  4. [Other] Dangerous Tour Wembley [31 July 1992] (Lossless)
  5. [MP3] Naughty By Nature vs Jackson 5 - OPP vs ABC (DJ Hero 2)
  6. [WAV] Tightest - Ballin' (feat. Shaq & Michael Jackson)
  7. [WAV] Michael Jackson Radio Interview 1984
  8. [MP3] Immortal Megamix (Promo Edit)
  9. [WAV] Signature Series (Promo)
  10. [MP3] Thriller [KV Multitrack]
  11. [MP3] Hollywood Tonight (Jody Den Broeder Remixes)
  12. [MP3] You Rock My World (Jay-Z Remix) [both versions]
  13. [MP3] This Is It Rehearsals [18 June 2009]
  14. [MP3] Various Inverviews
  15. [MP3] Digital Audio Rips
  16. [MP3] MICHAEL - Backgrounds (+ Additional Tracks)
  17. [MP3] Ill Be There (Acapella Multitrack)
  18. [MP3] HIStory Tour Sydney [Stereo Version]
  20. [MP3] Special Presentation Disc
  21. [MP3] Album Mixes
  22. [MP3] Bad & Dangerous But Innocent Remixes
  23. [MP3] Bad Alternative Mixes Demo
  24. [WAV] & [MP3] Remix Supergold
  25. [MP3] Jammin In The Mix
  26. [MP3] Mixes Behind Door
  27. [MP3] Remind The Remix
  28. [MP3] My Love 4 Kids Is True
  29. [MP3] The Quiet Man
  30. [MP3] He Drives Me Wild
  31. [MP3] He Still Drives Me Wild
  32. [MP3] Histeremix Vol 1
  33. [MP3] Histeremix Vol 2
  34. [MP3] We Be Ballin (All Version)
  35. [MP3] In The Closet (Mix 3 #30)
  36. [MP3] Jam (Alternate Mixes)
  37. [MP3] Remember The Time (Acetate)
  38. [Other] Demos, Outtakes & Unreleased Audio Collection
  39. [Other] [Some multitracks and Stems] J5 - ABC / MJ - Billie Jean Stems and Beat It
  40. [MP3] MJ Rock Remixes
  41. [Other] MJ Mashups
  42. [Other] Bad Remixes
  43. [Other] Dangerous remixes
  44. [MP3] Moonwalker (Isolated Tracks)
  45. [MP3] Another Dangerous Demo?
  46. [M4A] Rock with You -- New A Cappella (w/ background vocals and unheard ad-libs)
  47. [MP3] Info on the mix of Cheater.
  48. [Other] [LLQ] Days in Gloucestershire - Snippet(?)
  49. [Other] Hollywood Tonight Recall 3 Acapella HQ Snippet
  50. [Other] Hollywood Tonight Recall 3 Main Mix Snippet
  51. [Other] Thriller Acapella HQ Snippet
  52. [Other] HMH Michael Jackson Mix
  53. [Other] Hollywood Tonight Recall 3 Acapella HQ Snippet #2
  54. [MP3] Another Day CEY Entertainment Mix and Original Snippet
  55. [MP3] Behind the Mask - Greg Philinganes Mix
  56. [MP3] Backgrounds
  57. [FLAC] The Tamperer Vs The Jackson 5 - Can You Feel It (White Label Remix)
  58. [Other] Remixes by Nick*
  59. [Other] Slave to the Rythm Demo Snippet
  60. [Other] Slave to the Rythm Final Mix #2 (Intro)
  61. [MP3] Slave To The Rhythm possible original version snippet
  62. [Other] Al Capone - Unreleased Extended version?
  63. [MP3] Buenos Aires 1993 Full Audio PRO
  64. [MP3] All Right
  65. [WAV] duet with paul !
  66. [MP3] We Are Here To Change The World - Disney In Park Orchestrated Music (Unreleased)
  67. [MP3] New Fake Album
  68. [Other] (Demo snippet ) Rock with You - with Rod Temperton
  69. [Other] Beat It [Extended Remix Edit] by MichaelD
  70. [MP3] Who Is It (SJR Instrumental) [Made using TII Instrumental, Official Track, and Demo]
  71. [WAV] Apollo theatre, NY, april 24 2002
  72. [Other] 1979 Michael Jackson & George Harrison Interview
  73. [Other] Save Me - Dave Mason + Michael Jackson
  74. [Other] Slave to the Rhythm
  75. Nesboy43 "Vinyl Rips Thread"
  76. Michael Jackson - Rock With You (MultiTracks)
  77. Michael Jackson - Slave To The Rhythm
  78. [Other] Give in to me - Studio Sessions
  79. [AIFF] Rock With You + In The Closet Acapellas (Proper Quality, Unaltered)
  80. [Other] My Rare and Unreleased collection *LINK NOW ADDED*
  81. [MP3] [STREAM] "A Place With No Name" (full, 5:17 mins.)
  82. [MP3] RWY - Writer's Demo (Rod Temperton)
  83. [Other] The Acapella Collection (Work in Progress)
  84. A better Michael Jackson Rock/Metal tribute "MJ Rocks"
  85. [WAV] Pretty Young Thing (Acapella)
  86. [MP3] Shake Your Body Down (To The Ground) (Acapella) (Snippet)
  87. [MP3] Michael Jackson - Love Is The Answer (2013 Fan-made remix)
  88. [MP3] WBSS multitracks
  89. [WAV] BAD [5% slowed down]
  90. [MP3] Got to be there acca
  91. A Place With No Name (Album Version)? [Determined to be Fan Made]
  92. [FLAC] SCREAM Multitracks [31 .Flac Files]
  93. PYT Multitracks full
  94. [MP3] P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) (Alternative Mix)
  95. [MP3] In The Closet (Club Mix) (22 Track Multitrack)
  96. [MP3] "Children's Holiday" and "I Was the Loser" - Snippet Discussion
  97. [MP3] Jam - Early Demo Version
  98. [FLAC] Vinyl Sampler - Master's Mix
  99. [MP3] Rock With You Remix
  100. [MP3] Rock With You (35 Lines Multitrack)
  101. [Other] Future Records CD Collection
  102. [Other] Alternate Versions (MJ & J5) - 2013 New Leak
  103. [MP3] My New Slave To The Rhythm Remix Demo
  104. Michael Jackson - Days In Gloucestershire (Demo)
  105. Michael jackson - People Of The World (Full)
  106. [MP3] Street Walker and Black and White Demo
  107. [MP3] Hollywood Tonight Original Demo FULL
  108. [MP3] Michael Jackson - People Of The World (Demo - Remastered)
  109. [MP3] The Way You Love Me (Demo)
  110. [Other] Hollywood Tonight - Blue Gangsta Remix
  111. Smooth Criminal (Crook County Remix)
  112. [MP3] Trouble - Higher Quality?
  113. [MP3] Hot Street With Fixed Start
  114. [MP3] Konstantino's Remix Collection (16 MP3s)
  115. [Other] Off The Wall (Original Disco Mix) [Uncut Session]
  116. [MP3] Megamix FULL
  117. [Other] Get On The Floor (Kon Extended Remix)
  118. [MP3] Little bit of fun, short and sweet WATW mix
  119. [MP3] My Chicago Stereo mix + Bonus Instrumental
  120. [Other] Grab Your Balls Like Michael Jackson
  121. [Other] Dirty Diana (Remixed by Nick*) - Part 1
  122. [WAV] Dancing Machine multitrack (with extra vocals)
  123. [Other] Dirty Diana (Remixed by Nick*) - Part 2
  124. [WAV] (I Can't Make It) Another Day (Original Demo Remix)
  125. [WAV] Michael Jackson - Scream 2014 Pop/Rock Remix
  126. [M4A] Xscape (Ultimate Edition)
  127. [M4A] MICHAEL (Ultimate Edition)
  128. [WAV] Hollywood Tonight 2014 (Completed Demo Mix)
  129. [MP3] Various Snippets [Unleaked Multitracks]
  130. [WAV] HIStory Remix (2014)
  131. [WAV] Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury - There Must Be More To Life Than This (Duet Remix)
  132. [Other] More To Life MJ Solo with Mercury Backing Track
  133. [MP3] MJ's Ghosts (Original score by Nicholas Pike) [incomplete]
  134. [MP3] This is really it - Earth Song - M.J RemiX KevStaR
  135. [FLAC] Complete Michael Jackson & 2Pac Remix - Xschanpes
  136. Material thanks to scammer/fake collector from Soundcloud and Mjhideout
  137. Liberian Girl (Lurid Dub Remix)
  138. [Other] Multitrack Thread
  139. [Other] Catch - My Version of Bad
  140. [Other] State Of Shock (Nick* Remix) WOOOOOOOOO
  141. [M4A] Jackson 5 - Greatest Hits (Quadraphonic Edition)
  142. [MP3] The deep soul of MJ - 3 hours Chillout-Megamixtape
  143. [M4A] 2 Bad for Shaq
  144. [Other] 2 Bad (Instrumental)
  145. [Other] Michael Jackson ONE: The Soundtrack
  146. [Other] Does anybody have a Privacy recording from ONE?
  147. [Other] REQUEST: Does anybody have a Privacy recording from ONE?
  148. [MP3] Seeing Voices [Full Version]
  149. [WAV] Got to be There Multitracks
  150. [Other] Stevie Wonder - I Can't Help It (Live In Studio)
  151. [WAV] My rips for enjoyment and to help me with my TT
  152. [Other] SAY, SAY, SAY 2015 VERSION!!!!!!
  153. Human Nature (Unreleased Vocals Remix)
  154. Girlfriend (Multitrack) - Fan-Made) by me
  155. There Must Be More To Life Than This (Gold Mix)
  156. [Other] Walk Right Now live snippet
  157. [Other] Request: Elizabeth I Love You Full Studio Version (Fan Made)
  158. [Other] The drill
  159. I Can't Help It Demo
  160. [Other] Much Too Soon (Just Acoustic Guitar Mix)
  162. [FLAC] Is It Scary Remixes - Promo CD
  163. [FLAC] Butterflies - The Mixes
  164. [FLAC] Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Early Version - Stereo)
  165. You are not alone acapella
  166. Man In The Mirror Acapella
  167. Best Of Joy Acapella
  168. [Other] SURROUND COVER of Love Never Felt So Good
  169. [Other] Surround (draft) versions of WBSS, PYT, RWY.
  170. Nite Line - 2016 Fan Remixed Version
  171. I'll Be There (Alternative Version) - Wav Master
  172. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Nick* Disco Redux)
  173. Korgnex's ''Michael Jackson Snippets''
  174. [MP3] Rock With You (Instrumental Redux)
  175. [MP3] The Love You Save (Rough Multitrack Mix)
  176. [MP3] Wembley Stadium, London, 26 August 1988
  177. [MP3] Destiny Tour - Carré, Amsterdam (26/2/1979) (STEREO VERSION)
  178. [M4A] Live in Wembley Stadium, London (July 16, 1988)
  179. [FLAC] The Jacksons - LA Forum (2/12/1984) (FIRST GEN RIP)
  181. [Other] Get On The Floor (Nick* Super Funk Remix)
  182. [FLAC] Rock with You (Throwback Revision Edit)
  183. [MP3] P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) (Special Disco Mix by Anton B.)
  184. [Other] She's Out Of My Life (Reconstructed by Nick*)
  185. [MP3] Michael Jackson - Rock With You (Special Disco Mix by Anton B.)
  186. [M4A] You Are Not Alone (Remixed by Nick*)
  187. [Other] "Butterflies [Track Masters Remix - MJ Only Edit]" (by Korgnex)
  188. [Other] Jam (Nick* Redux)
  189. [Other] Blood On The Dance Floor (Vocal Demo - CLIP)
  190. [Other] Remixed By Nick*: The Full Discography
  191. [MP3] The Way You Make Me Feel (NuTNC Studio Version)
  192. [Other] Human Nature (Nick* Retro Remix - Alternate) for dance performed
  193. [MP3] Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Reconstructed by Nick*)
  194. [MP3] Get On The Floor (Reconstructed by Nick*)
  195. [MP3] Remember The Time (NuTNC Remixes)
  196. [MP3] 2 Bad (No Rap - Original Mix)
  197. [MP3] Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Nick* Disco Redux - NuTNC Alternate)
  198. [AIFF] Family thing?!?
  199. [MP3] Get On The Floor (NuTNC Highlights Mix - Nick* Reconstructed)
  200. [MP3] Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Nick* Reconstructed
  201. [MP3] Human Nature (NuTNC Highlights Mix - Part 1: Nick* Remixes)
  202. [MP3] The Ultimate MJ Mastermix For 58th Birthday
  203. [MP3] You Are Not Alone (NuTNC Live Studio Mix)
  204. [Other] She's Out of My Life - Tom Bähler's original demo
  205. [MP3] Monster (NuTNC Remixes)
  206. [MP3] Best of Joy (NuTNC 2015 Remix)
  207. [MP3] Dangerous (NuTNC 2015 Remix - 2016 Remake)
  208. [MP3] Hollywood Tonight (NuTNC Remixes)
  209. [MP3] NuTober 3rd song mix: Breaking News
  210. [MP3] NuTober 3rd Song mix (New song)
  211. [MP3] Black Or White (NuTNC Remixes)
  212. [MP3] NuTober 3rd song mix: Black Or White
  213. [MP3] NuTober Unreleased - Scream (NuTNC Reconstructed)
  214. [MP3] NuTober 4th Week: They Don't Care About Us (NuTNC Mixes - 2016 Remake)
  215. [MP3] Off The Wall (Reconstructed by Nick*)
  216. [MP3] Off The Wall (NuTNC Highlights Mix - Nick* Reconstructed) + Revamped & Updated
  217. [MP3] Off The Wall (Nick* Instrumental Collection)
  218. [Other] Girlfriend (Stripped Mix)
  219. [MP3] Billie Jean (Reconstructed by Nick*)
  220. [MP3] Billie Jean (NuTNC Highlights Mix)
  221. [MP3] Man In The Mirror (Groovefunkel Remix)
  222. [MP3] Off The Wall (NuTNC Versus Mix - 2012 Edition) & P.Y.T. (NuTNC Mixes)
  223. [MP3] Michael Jackson - NuTNC Megamix (Nick* Remixes Edition)
  224. [MP3] Get On The Floor (Special 12'' Mix by Anton B.)
  225. [MP3] Jackson 5 - Never Can Say Goodbye (Special Long Play Version by Anton B.)
  226. [MP3] Human Nature (Louis La Roche Remix)
  227. [MP3] Human Nature - NuTNC Versus Mix
  228. [MP3] Man In The Mirror (Reconstructed by Nick*)
  229. [MP3] Remember The Time [Korg Redux]
  230. [MP3] Man In The Mirror (NuTNC Highlights Mix)
  231. [M4A] They Don't Care About Us (Nick* Crook County Remix)
  232. [MP3] I Wanna Be Where You Are (The Reflex Stripped Mix)
  233. [MP3] Black Or White (NuTNC Origin Mix)
  234. [M4A] Jelly Bean (Lurid Remix)
  235. [MP3] Billie Jean (NuTNC Acapella Mix)
  236. [MP3] Chicago 1945
  237. [MP3] Demo-Ghost of another lover
  238. [MP3] [Pathetic Troll Attempt] Breaking News "Special" Remix
  239. [FLAC] Off The Wall (Special Disco Mix by DJ Anton)
  240. [Other] Jackson 5 – The Love You Save (Remixed by Nick*)
  241. [Other] Thriller (Louis La Roche Dub Mix)
  242. [MP3] Girlfriend (NuTNC Acoustic Mix)
  243. [Other] Who is SingleWhiteGlove and are they members here?
  244. [MP3] Burn This Disco Out (NuTNC at Night Mix) [June 25 Special]
  245. [Other] Awesome Mix: Blood On The Dance Floor (Lord N' 2017 Remix)
  246. [MP3] Blood On The Dance Floor [20th Anniversary] (NuTNC Remixes)
  247. [Other] Ghosts – Work In Progress Mixes
  248. [M4A] The Love You Save (Acoustic)
  249. [M4A] Black Or White (Nick* Remix)
  250. [MP3] Dancing Machine (NuTNC Reconstruction Mix)