View Full Version : Polling Day And Night

  1. Which Solo Album Had The Best Vocals?
  2. Favourite album?
  3. Favorite song on Dangerous?
  4. Favorite song on Thriller?
  5. Favorite song on HIStory?
  6. Favorite song on Off The Wall?
  7. Favorite song on Invincible?
  8. Favorite Short Film?
  9. Favorite 'New'/Rare Song on The Ultimate Collection?
  10. Favorite collaboration with Paul McCartney?
  11. Most underrated song?
  12. Best Producer?
  13. Least Favourite Song?
  14. Best New Jack Swing Song?
  15. Boyish Vocals vs. Mature Vocals
  16. Favorite MJ Era?
  17. Best Temperton Track?
  18. Best Riley Track?
  19. Best Darkchild Track?
  20. Best Kelly Track?
  21. Best Jam & Lewis Track?
  22. Best Opening Track?
  23. Best Track 2?
  24. The Best Rock Track ?
  25. Best Track 3?
  26. Did you buy the album Michael?
  27. Favorite Title Track
  28. Best Last Track
  29. Favorite Performance of Dangerous?
  30. Favorite solo tour?
  31. Best Live Band?
  32. Favorite Adult MJ Album?
  33. Favorite Adult Album Cover?
  34. Best concert opener from the solo tours
  35. Best Environmental/World Song?
  36. What was Michael's best tour visually?
  37. What was Michael Jacksons worst album Vocally?
  38. Red Thriller Jacket Vs White Thriller Jacket
  39. Favorite Song on Michael?
  40. Best Posthumous Release?
  41. Best Officially Released Concert DVD?
  42. Most Soulful Album?
  43. Best Motown posthumous release?
  44. Jennifer Batten or Orianthi Panagaris?
  45. Best rap-track?
  46. Best rap remix?
  47. Heartbreak Hotel or This Place Hotel
  48. Michael's Most Creative Era?
  49. Favorite 'Iconic' Jacket?
  50. Bad - Original Mixes vs Revised Mixes
  51. Studio Versions vs Live Verions
  52. Best live album?
  53. Should Leaked Songs Be Officially Released?
  54. BAD vs. Unbreakable
  55. What era does Much Too Soon sound like to you?
  56. Least Favorite Era?
  57. Saddest song?
  58. Billie Jean vs Who Is It
  59. Most underrated solo album?
  60. Invincible VS All For You
  61. Favorite DANGEROUS-Era Outtake?
  62. Favorite THRILLER-Era Outtake?
  63. Favorite BAD-Era Outtake?
  64. Favorite HISTORY-Era Outtake?
  65. Favorite Invincible-Era Outtake?
  66. Natural Voice or High-Pitched Voice?
  67. Rate The Estate (Are you satisfied?)
  68. Are future concert releases sensible?
  69. State Of Shock: Mick or Freddie?
  70. Earth Song Climax: Falsetto or Grit?
  71. Natural or Thin Eyebrows?
  72. Neverland Rehearsals versus This Is It Rehearsals
  73. Original Bad Album vs. Bright Released Bad Album
  74. Was MJ a singer that danced, or a dancer that sang?
  75. Least favorite Epic album?
  76. Should Unreleased Demos be modified and remixed?
  77. Best Version of Dangerous?
  78. "Get On The Floor" vs "This Had To Be"
  79. Should have Michael have worked with The Neptunes?
  80. Favorite title track
  81. Best Bill Bottrell Collaboration
  82. Was Michael more of a Pop artist or an R&B artist?
  83. Shake Your Body vs Don't Stop vs Startin' Somethin'
  84. Should Michael have released Invincible in 1999 instead of 2001?
  85. Did Michael's music go downhill after Bad?
  86. I believe that these are the best tracks from each album.
  87. I believe that these are the best tracks from each album.
  88. Opinion: The focus on heavy, digital production killed Mike's music
  89. Were the controversies beneficial to Michael's career?
  90. Strong vs Vulnerable Vocals
  91. Most "Radio Friendly" Posthumous Track?
  92. Best Femme Fatale Song
  93. Greatest Gothic/Horror Song
  94. Michael Jackson's setlists issues
  95. Best Social Anthem
  96. This Is It 2?
  97. Favourite leg of the Bad Tour?
  98. Do you regard the Motown albums as part of Michael's solo catalogue?
  99. Best version of Behind The Mask?
  100. Hotstreet vs. Slapstick
  101. Best disc of The Ultimate Collection?
  102. Fav Choreographer
  103. Wembley Thriller :)
  104. Vocal Ticks: Gimmick or do they make the song?
  105. Circular glide - which version do you prefer?
  106. Best pop/soul/rock voice. Marvin,Stevie,Freddie,MJ in order from best to last
  107. Favorite post 2009 released songs (original versions only)?